XTZL 3D Story

XTZL 3D Story

xtzl3d story

I think it is necessary to introduce something about XTZL3D here, who is it, why it is and what it does.

Who Is It?

Maybe the name – XTZL3D, is really new to all. Yes, the website was built in September, 2020, is too young for its friends. But the original name – Xing Tong Zhi Lian Technology (from Chinese name 兴通智联科技) is well known by its old friends, especial these who are from Europe. As we mentioned in “About” page, XTZL3D was founded in 2018 for manufacturing 3d printing filament and introducing on Amazon with the following packaging.

Gradient Color Pla 1kg Xtzl3d
Gradient Color Pla 1kg Xtzl3d

Why it is?

The year, 2020, is so special to the world, people have experienced so much. Like other factories, XTZL3D encountered tons of difficulties at the beginning of the year – shortage of raw materials, slow resume working and international freight after the holiday, and something else you can’t think of. Fortunately, it survived.

It must have to say, thanks for all XTZL3D’s dear customer friends it can survive and develop. As in the year 3d printing industry has a rapid development, 3d printing lovers are committed to researching their printing technology. It seized the rare opportunity and expanded business, for example, Amazon store has expanded to 12, including an Aliexpress store. Hot sale and well- known in Europe Amazon market, and it gets good ranges and best seller icons – that is why I say Europe friend may be familiar with the package of Xing Tong Zhi Lian Technology.

Another reason is, we got many positive feedbacks from our 3d printing filament users, good quality and cheap price are often mentioned. Certainly, our shortcomings also are mentioned – so we invest more money and time to improve production technology and upgrade for more advanced equipments. The first batch of new products has been produced, now we are looking for chance to ship to overseas warehouse, yes, you know, under these circumstances.

At the same time, our desire is getting stronger and stronger, that is – to have a brand website. Strictly speaking, they are not real stores on Amazon and not good for remembering and finding out us. So we build the website and designed it in two main parts, one part for B2C old friends (get into via catalogue “Buy Now”); other part for B2B friends (from catalogue “Product”). After comparing and researching in market, we firmly believe that we already have conditions for a 3d filament brand. You know, that is to a certain extent helps us overcome the difficulties in the future, and this is a trend. Anyway, we must make a lot of efforts for the survival and development of brand.

What It Does

Although we encountered many difficulties in this year, but as a warm brand, we never forgot the corporate responsibility. In addition to donating regularly towards the Disabled Persons’ Federation, we also donated to poor areas as the following picture showing in this year.

we also donated to poor areas

Another good news for us is, XTZL3D was fortunate to be appointed by the 2020 National Vocational Skills Match as the sole supplier of 3d printer filament, for the 3D Digital Game Art Project. This means that our filaments have been affirmed by them.

3D Digital Game Art Field, the filament placed on the table.
Pakage Tag

I will keep sharing more stories of XTZL3D here, hope you like it…

Finally, I wish you all a happy new year!

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